Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Denton Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 12th November 2019 at 7.30 pm in Denton Village Hall.

Present: Councillors:Terry Hanner, Christine Kerr, Ken Ashton, Robert Fearnley, Melissa Bunn, Zoe Brown, Helen Sida-Page.
Also present: Jackie Ellis (Clerk).

1. Welcome by the Chairman:
Terry Hanner welcomed everyone to our parish council meeting.

2. To receive and accept apologies from members unable to attend:
Chris Brown, District Councillor.

3. To receive any declarations of interest from members on any item to be discussed:

4. To approve and sign the minutes of the last meeting
The minutes of the September 2019 meeting were approved and signed by Mr Terry Hanner, Chairman, as a correct record.

5. The meeting was not adjourned for public participation as there were no members of the public at the meeting.

6. Reports from County and District Councillors:
In his absence Chris Brown sent the following report:

7. To discuss matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting:
Fenland Leisure have been out to re-install the Rocker See saw as per the ROSPA report.
NCC Highways had informed us that work was to commence on the parking bay at the Chapel.

8. Update on siting for seat around the Candle Stick:
Councillors have had a meeting and decided to put the seat on the verge at the entrance to Manor Farm.
We requested funding from Chris Brown for this from the community project grant fund which he is hopeful of getting.
The cost of the bench will be approx. £250.00 plus VAT, plus labour and materials bringing the total estimated cost to £350.00.

9. To discuss Tree on Marshalls Hill:
Helen Sida-Page reported that this tree was down but has since been resolved.

10. Footbridge on footpath from Middle Road to Norwich:
Helen Sida-Page reported that there was a plank missing off this footbridge that needs replacing.
Terry Hanner also reported another rotten plank from Norwich Road to The Walk. Helen Sida-Page kindly offered to report these.

11. To discuss and comment on any planning applications received and related matters:
Applications received:
Ref: 2019/1791 & 1792 – Street Farm, Norwich Road, Denton. Proposal: Erection of single storey rear extension. Councillors had no objections.

12. Playing Field Report including ROSPA Play Area Inspection report:
Christine Kerr and Melissa Bunn did inspection. All was in good order.
A parishioner has cut the hedges around the car park and trimmed branches. We will send a letter of thanks to him for the good work.
The gentleman that has always done the grass strimming as a good will gesture has said that this will probably be the last year he will be able to do this. It was agreed to give him a donation of £50.00.
Melissa reported the following:

13. SAM2 data capture information for October:
Kay Wiltshire has emailed the data for the above. This information will go on Denton Talk, the village website and be sent to the local police.

14. To approve payments to be made and record money received:

15. Any Other Matters to be brought to the attention of the Parish Council and for the next Agenda:
Budget and Precept
Zoe Brown announced that she would like to resign from the parish council and that this will be her last meeting. Terry Hanner thanked her for all her help.
The date of the next parish council meeting will be Tuesday, 14th January 2020.

16.The meeting was not adjourned for public participation as there was no member of the public in attendance.

17. Close of Meeting:
Mr Hanner thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 8.15 pm.

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