Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Feature - The Calor Village of the Year Competition

Feedback from the Judges

We received the following letter and comments from the competition organisers.

Calor Letter

Regional Feedback

Calor Village of the Year - 2009

Judges' Feedback to Villages form - Regional

Village: Denton. County: Norfolk. Region: Eastern.

Category 1. Community - a better place to live.

What a lively community, and inclusive of all ages in its activities.
Liked the Blackhand Cyder as a community activity that clearly benefits all sorts of other events in the village.
Also liked the way that all sections of the community seemed to pull together through projects such as the theatre productions and Rogerson's Wood.
Good use of proximity to the neighbouring community.
Good use of individuals' skills for community benefit (eg writing plays).
Liked the way that everyone seemed to enjoy each other's company.

Category 2. Business - a better place to work.

There is evidence of a lot of community involvement by local businesses.
Liked the fact that the bar, the cyder making and the composting are all run as community businesses.
Also liked the hidden post office (!) and its dual role as a social opportunity.

Category 3. Sustainability - a better future.

Good use of local resources.
Liked the awareness of the need for sensible use of energy.
Also the consideration of using green energy.
Exciting use of the composting project to benefit the village financially and to reduce the need to travel to get compost.

Category 4. Communications - being in contact.

Good website.
Good use of local church resources to communicate between the denominations.
Inclusive magazine.

National Feedback

Calor Village of the Year - England 2009

National Judges' Comments Form

Village Denton. County Norfolk. Region East

Please write up to five comments about this village. The things that made it special for you.

1. A delightful welcoming and inclusive community which has worked hard to overcome its major problems - a lack of facilities and services.

2. The innovative community composting scheme is a splendid example for other rural communities. This, together with their most successful Rogerson's Wood and the fuel club is substantially reducing the village's carbon footprint. The Judges hope the proposal for eco-friendly housing comes to fruition.

3. The village makes the most of its resources, using the village hall as a meeting place and for entertainment, yet alone as a village pub and monthly as a restaurant, and the Chapel vestry as a Post Office.

4. The singular Black Hand Cyder Society making and providing lubrication for its members and village functions must be something other villages envy.

5. Altogether this caring community engenders a great sense of fun into its busy village life and it is no wonder those who come to live here, stay.

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