Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

The Village Marquees

Four marquees – two large and two small – are available for hire, for a modest fee, by village residents, but the two larger ones can be joined together when required. A portable dance floor is also available. Bookings are via Kath Hanner: 788414.


The marquee system relies on a team of willing volunteers who help with erecting and taking down. Details of forthcoming team "fixtures" will be listed below when available. New team members always welcome - no previous experience needed. Fees go to the Village Hall but hirers are also expected to reward team members with suitable refreshments when the marquees are erected and taken down.

Unless otherwise indicated, kick-off time is 7 p.m.

Further details of all bookings will appear here when available.

The 2019 Programme

The current fixture list is as follows:

Date Event/Site Number/Size Put Up Take Down
Sat 4th May Ceilidh - DVH 1 Large Friday 3rd tbc
Sun 12th May DVH 1 Small tbc tbc
Sun 26th May Kingsland Farm 2 Large Friday 24th tbc
Sat 22nd June Summer Festival - DVH 2 Large, 1 Small tbc tbc
Sun 30th June Glebe Farm 2 Large tbc tbc
Sat 10th August Private Party - DVH 1 Large tbc tbc
Sat 24th August Wedding - DVH All, Dance Floor tbc tbc
Sun 1st September Dentill All tbc tbc
Sat 7th September Private Party - Ivy Farm All, Dance Floor tbc tbc

For further information please contact: Adrian Hipwell, 788188.