Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

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Festive Lighting

For several years the residents of Upland Terrace and Norwich Road have enjoyed some friendly competition in a great display of Christmas lights. This year's efforts have been well up to standard.



Christmas Is Coming

'Twas The Night Before Christmas,
And down at the bar,
The Sida-Page’s are ready,
They've travelled so far.
One from the shire with a castle and bear,
Her sister the one with the mad curly hair,
At about half past six they'll hear such a clatter,
And hope it is Denton folk with snacks on a platter.
Come all from the Greens, Great, Upper and Lower,
Including the Darrow come fast or come slower,
Come Ronnie and Maureen,
Come Beaver and Kat,
Come Kath and our Terry (in a nice sheriff's hat),
Come all of the Winters the plucking is done,
Come Jon and Lorraine it will be ‘such fun’,
Come all Middle Roaders,
Come one and come all,
To enjoy Christmas Eve at the Old Village Hall.

Make Yourself Comfortable

The Village Hall Bar is now a lot more comfortable.

The Management Committee have invested the generous donations from the families of some much loved Denton residents who sadly passed away in 2018, to purchase new comfy chairs and curtains for the Bar.


Residents are looking forward to trying them out over the Christmas and New Year period.

Eight Trees - Two Venues

Many Denton residents crossed the border last weekend to visit the wonderful display of decorated Christmas Trees in Alburgh's All Saints church. They were pleased to find that no less than eight of the 35 trees on view had been supplied by Denton people or clubs.

One of the trees had been created by a skilled team from the Gardening Club so it was entirely appropriate for that one and five others (not sure what happened to the other two?) to be "transplanted" to DVH for the Club's Christmas Social evening last night.

They made a very attractive backdrop to the party and helped develop a great Christmas spirit for the occasion.


From the left above, they came from: the Dentones, the Tennis Club, Lana Osborne, The Art Group, The Gardening Club.

It is hoped that they will remain in the Hall over the festive period.

Welcome to Denton

Denton has just expanded! We are now 8 properties and 14 people bigger.

The previously announced parish boundary changes, between Denton and Earsham, are being implemented on the new, 2019, electoral registers. These have just been published and will be used for next May's District and Parish Council elections.

We are delighted to welcome the new arrivals in Danacre Road, Middle Road and, what is still officially, Denton Road, Earsham. We hope this anomaly will be reserved in due course.

The village now covers 329 voters in 165 properties.

Dining in Style

The Village Hall was packed for the annual Village Supper on Saturday and those attending enjoyed a really excellent meal.

The menu included a Smoked Salmon starter, followed by Roast Beef with all the trimmings, a choice of tasty Puddings and a selection of Cheeses. Needless to say the bar did a roaring trade.

As usual the Sheriff did a great job drawing the raffle prizes before proposing the traditional toast “The Spirit of Denton”.

Thanks must go to everybody who contributed to this great, not-to-be-missed, event but particularly to those who organised and produced the wonderful food.



The Last One?

For many years the five Parish Councils that cover the Earsham District Council Ward have held an annual Joint Meeting to share common experiences and hear some guest speakers. This year it was Denton's turn to act as hosts so the latest one was held at Denton Village on Thursday.

There were two guest speakers. First up was someone with a great local connection, one Kevin Hanner, son of the Sheriff. Kevin described his work with "the Feed", a Norwich social enterprise charity which supports the homeless, helping people access long term housing, training and employment. They run a catering business and café in Norwich staffed by the people they support with 100% of their profits go to charity. Further details are on their Website.

Following Kevin was PC Jim Squires our local Police Community Engagement Officer. He explained the impact of cuts on policing, the way that the local team in Harleston were trying to work with the community and answered questions from the audience. The Police Information on our website has been updated to reflect the new situation.

Sadly, the change to ward boundaries due next May will mean that this may be the last of these useful joint meetings.

Art On Display

Compliments poured in when Denton's artists put their skills on display at the Village Hall on Saturday.

The Art Group (perhaps it should be called the "Greater Denton Group" - a number of members come from further afield) meet at the Hall on a regular basis and every year put on an exhibition of their work.

This year's was claimed to be the best ever with over 100 pictures and craft items. One new feature of the show was to ask visitors to vote for their favourite exhibit. The result demonstrated a wide variety of preferences!



Round or Square?

Part of the climax of the celebrations held to note the completion of St Mary’s major restoration project was a performance by the Rising Stars.

An exhibition showing the extensive work on the roof and the floor etc was held in the church on 24th October. This was accompanied by a performance of "A Square Tower in a Round Hole" by the Rising Stars together with singing by the Dentones. The former attempted to answer that long-term question “Why is the church tower both round and square?”. Something to do with the big bad wolf chasing little pigs we gather. The debate continues.

The Stars were certainly not fazed by the large audience and the imposing building – they did very well – but producer/director Gill Hipwell must share the credit.

The Costumes Must Go Somewhere


Denton Variety Club, as a very "green" organisation, has a great record for reusing and/or recycling scenery, props and particularly costumes.

Thanks to the efforts of the Club's Wardrobe Mistress, Barbara Spaul, there is an amazing stock of the last. But where to store them?

They out-grew Barbara's loft many years ago and various other temporary locations have been used.

Now the Club Committee have bitten the bullet and, with the kind permission of the DVH Management Committee, they have installed, a suitably insulated etc., shed behind the Village Hall.

Rather like the Tardis, it's bigger inside than it looks in the picture!