Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

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Affordable Housing Delays

Major concerns about delays to Denton’s affordable housing project were raised at the June meeting of the Parish Council.

Both the proposed new site layout, off the Norwich Road, and the design details of the buildings were criticised. Issues raised included the loss of privacy for nearby properties and the idea for a “buffer zone” to separate the new housing from the old. Some councillors felt that the proposed “modern” design for the new housing was out of place.

Saffron Housing has been working on the scheme for some months and their initial outline proposals had received general support. Now, with much more detail available, a number of objections have been raised. It seems that it is not just local people that are unhappy. Parish councillors were told that South Norfolk Council’s specialist planning Design Panel have also raised some objections to the proposals.

In an attempt to reconcile the different views local district councillor, Murray Gray, has agreed to try and set up a special meeting bringing together all the interested parties.

Further information on the history of the project is available in the Features Section of the website.

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