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New Test for Blackhand Cyder

The Denton members of NORCS (the Norfolk Off Road Cycling Society) carried out an interesting experiment last weekend. Competing in the D2D 12-hour endurance race, they proved conclusively that Blackhand cyder is a great performance-enhancing drink.

The Dusk to Dawn race takes place around 10 mile laps of twisty single-track in the middle of Thetford Forest. Now in it’s 9th year, D2D attracts more than 1000 of the UK’s (and Europe’s) finest off-road riders. The aim of the two Denton-based teams of three was to complete as many laps as possible whilst avoiding trees, bushes, bomb-holes and other slower riders.

Riders can compete individually or in teams of two, three or four with the teams racing on a relay basis. Our teams changed over every lap, each of which took around 50 minutes. Team A comprised: Rob Godsmark, Matt Jupe & Nick Scott; Team B: Kev Hanner, Dave Godsmark and Matt Birkenshaw. (The picture shows two of our riders in action)

The lead off riders, Rob and Kev, both managed to make it around in good times and relatively unscathed despite wearing some other peoples blood! The second riders were ready for change over but trying to find your team mate in a sea of around 400 other riders in darkness was less than smooth! The NORCs teams both then settled down into the race posting some healthy sub 55min laps as they headed into the night.

They all appreiciated their support team and the fans that cheered them on and provided valuable coffee, soup and other liquids in the early hours. Cyder’s restorative properties were thoroughly tested. In spite of cramp and fading legs the lap times kept low and both teams started to climb up the leader board.

As dawn broke at 7.15 the light at the end of the tunnel suddenly seemed in reach. Team A had just posted 4 laps each which left the last rider with a tall order to get around again before the 8am deadline. Despite a great effort Rob was 6mins off making the cut. However he posted the fastest NORCs lap of the race and made up 2 places to claim 30th.

Team B were on a similar tally and Kev stepped up to the mark to go out and blitz a 5th lap in the dawn light. Everybody turned out to enjoy the warmth of the sun and a quick cyder as they waiting to welcome Kev home, coming in to put the team into the top 60. A good weekend was had by all with many bikers being introduced to the isotonic properties of Denton Blackhand Cyder.

The riders in action

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