Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

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Housing Holdup?

Denton’s Affordable Housing project has hit an unexpected setback.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly with the development of six units on Norwich Road. Saffron Housing Association had submitted the final proposals for planning permission to the district council and the application was enthusiastically supported by Denton’s parish council at its special meeting on 30th November.

Now, to everyone’s surprise, objections have been raised by the Highway’s Department of the county council. It seems they want wider vision splays at the entrance to the site as they claim it is on “a 60mph road” but they also claim that building new houses in small villages is unsustainable and contrary to the regional plan. It was thought that the road junction had been signed off informally months ago. More seriously, somehow, the county council seem to be unaware of the district council’s exceptions policy on affordable homes!

Our district councillor, Murray Gray, is trying to sort out the confusion but it may create a delay in signing off the application. The application, and the highways objection, can be inspected on-line by going to the South Norfolk District Council Website and entering the application number 2009/1711.

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