Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

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Traveller Issues

On Sunday, 30/5, a group of six caravans and associated vehicles set up camp on Denton Playingfield. How long they plan to stay at this location is unknown. A pony is currently tethered on the adjacent allotment land. Another, seventh, caravan has since arrived.

The Parish Council, who lease the land involved from the Rogerson Trust, are trying to take appropriate action. The police have been informed and have visited the site. South Norfolk District council have been contacted and their Gypsy & Traveller Liaison Officer, Tony Cooke, has visited the site. He has advised the PC of the options open to them and the issue will be discussed at the PC’s normal monthly meeting next Tuesday, 8/6 (a report of that meeting now appears above).

Our district councillor, Murray Gray, is also trying to help but it must be emphasised that neither the DC, nor the County Council, have any direct responsibility for taking action re trespass on private land.

In the meantime, to avoid any unpleasantness etc., residents are advised to avoid contact with the travellers.

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