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Playground Meeting

An open meeting was held at the Village Hall on Thursday 2nd December to discuss the revised Playground Improvement Scheme. Details of the modified scheme were explained.

Work on-site has started. It is hoped that all the new equipment will be installed before Christmas.

An "Exponential" Evening

This year’s Village Supper followed in the great tradition of these annual events. Great food, the savoury tart, the excellent roast beef and the gorgeous lemon sponge were well beyond Delia standards; the wine (chosen by the village’s own “sommelier de haute qualite”) was very quaffable and, of course, the company was just brilliant.

Congratulations and thanks to everybody who contributed to what is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the Denton social calendar.

AGM Announced

The Viilage Hall’s Annual General Meeting will be held, at the Hall, on Monday 6th December 2010 at 8.00pm. All inhabitants of the village of eighteen years of age and upwards are entitled to attend and vote at the meeting.

The AGM will be followed by a meeting of the Management Committee. For further details please phone Kath Hanner (788414) or David Godsmark (788352).

Playgound Breakthrough

After months of uncertainty Denton has been awarded a major grant to fund the Playground Improvement Scheme.

Earlier this year Playbuilder funding of £47,000 was awarded to the village but then withdrawn. The latest announcement makes £25,000 available; enough for a significant re-vamp of the play area. There is a meeting later this week when we will hear more but we do know that the money will need to be spent by the end of March.

Speed Limit In Sight

The introduction of a 30 MPH speed limit through Denton is about to take a step forward.

One of the conditions attached to the construction of the new affordable houses in Norwich Road was the requirement for a speed limit; something most villagers have wanted for many years. The official advertisement announcing the scheme, which will run from just north of the new properties to just past Hillside (Mrs Hooker’s house) on Trunch Hill, is to appear in the EDP on November 19th.

The Ad has now appeared. It and further information now appear in the Features section.

Bus Meeting

The special meeting to discuss the future of Denton’s bus service is to be held on 17th November. Representatives of both Denton and Alburgh Parish Councils will be meeting staff from Norfolk County Council and Anglian Bus. District Cllr. Murray Gray will also be there.

The November Parish Council meeting was told that bus users have raised a number of criticisms of the current, stop-gap, arrangements. The system works well on Tuesdays and Fridays when the taxi-bus brings passengers back from Harleston at a reasonable hour. On other days the wait in Harleston is too long. Switching the Tuesday service to Wednesdays, market day, would be sensible. Even more attractive would be a return to bringing the old 580 service back, serving Bungay and Harleston, even it was just for two days a week.

Compost Results

Liz Cargill who leads the Village Compost Scheme has announced the results for the 2010 season, the seventh, which ended recently.

A total of 15.75 tonnes of material were collected for processing. This will qualify for around £750 of recycling credits. When sales of the compost produced are added the total income from the scheme comes to over £880 for the year.

Precept Frozen

There was good news for Denton households at this month’s meeting of the Parish Council. Responding to news that both the County and District Councils would be freezing their council tax levels for the coming year, parish councillors decided that they too should respond to the country’s current financial problems.

After discussing ways of balancing the books in 2011/12 they decided they could manage without increasing the precept at all beyond this year’s £3,231. The parish precept is collected by the district council as part of the overall Council Tax levy. In theory the charge (currently £20.84 for a Band D property) could fall if any new properties are completed before the start of the financial year in April.

Happy Ending - Witch Reprieved

This year’s Rising Stars show was a great success. Nikki Wright’s clever adaption of the traditional Hansel and Gretel story, with lots of suitable local references, kept the audience laughing all the way through. To everybody’s relief the Witch was saved rather than burnt. The cast responded to the script wonderfully with brilliant performances. The youngest groups, appearing as elves and crows, were outstanding.

As usual the set and costumes were excellent and the orchestra did a great job. Getting the audience to join in most of the songs, familiar tunes with special words, worked very well. It was a great team performance. Details of the cast etc. can be found in the DVC Section.

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