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Ball Tickets Available

Tickets for Denton’s social event of the year, the Village Ball on Saturday 11th June, are now available.

Profitable Plants

Today’s Plant Sale at the Village Hall raised £390 for church funds. Many thanks to all who contributed.

Grove Farm - Latest News

Tonight’s Parish Council meeting received two reports on the long-running saga of planning applications for Grove Farm in Middle Road.

The first covered the outcome of a prosecution of the owner of the site for failing to comply with enforcement action. This related to his failure to cease unauthorised residential use of one of the buildings at Grove Farm. Last week the Crown Court in Norwich found the owner guilty and awarded costs of £3,500 to be paid by him to South Norfolk Council.

Now appeals are being made to the Regional Inspectorate against enforcement notices regarding residential use of part of the central barn on the site without planning consent. The Council agreed unanimously to make strong representations opposing the appeals.

Wayne Gets the Nod

The Parish Council has a new member.

Following Eddie Winter’s decision to stand down, only six people put themselves forward at the recent elections for the seven places on the Parish Council. The council was thus required to co-opt a person to fill the vacancy at their AGM tonight. They decided to appoint Wayne Mayhew who lives at the Round House in Low Road and they look forward to the contribution from a new member.

Chairman Re-elected

Tonight’s Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council saw some quick adjustments to the Standing Orders in order to elect a Chairman for the coming year.

Some years ago Denton Parish Council decided, like many other bodies, to limit the time any member could serve as Chairman to a period of four years. This is widely regarded as good practice as it: prevents a single individual from dominating proceedings for too long; encourages more members to play an active role and helps to spread the burden of such an important position.

Liz Cargill has done a great job as Chairman for the last four years and has put a vast amount of time and effort into the role. At the annual meeting she was obviously very keen to step down, as the standing order required anyway. Unfortunately it became clear that none of the other five members was willing to take on the job.

The only way round this was a quick change to remove the four year rule and to persuade poor Liz to carry on. She deserves the sympathy and thanks of the whole parish.

Long Service Recognised

Current and former members of the Parish Council gathered at the Village Hall on Friday evening to make a special presentation.

They were marking the retirement from the Council, after 35 years service, of Eddie Winter. Speeches from current Chairman and Vice-Chairman, Liz Cargill and Terry Hanner, covered his great contribution to the Council as member and Chairman and to the parish as a whole. Eddie responded in his typical modest fashion and paid tribute to the support he had received from his wife, Audrey. The couple were presented with several appropriate gifts to mark the occasion.

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Consultation Results

The Parish Council have decided to raise no objections to the planning application for the new electrical substation required for the Affordable Housing.

Last night’s Extraordinary Council Meeting, chaired by Terry Hanner, was attended by Peter Ramsdale of Saffron Housing. He explained the background to the application and the problems caused by EDF’s failure to survey the site properly. He then answered questions from councillors and residents.

Residents were then invited to comment on the application and several spoke against it. However members of the council could not support these objections. They therefore voted, unanimously, to raise no objection to the application.

STOP PRESS The meeting of the Area Planning Committee held on May 4th decided to defer any decision on the application so there will be a further delay before the housing can be occupied.

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