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Harleston Bid Rejected

The Parish Council have again rejected a request from Harleston Town Council for a contribution towards the cost of the town’s car parks.

When, three years ago, South Norfolk Council decided to introduce charging for their car parks in Harleston the Town Council objected. Believing that retaining free car-parking was important they decided to take over the car parks themselves. To do so they have to pay South Norfolk a significant sum, over £13,000, every year. This is partly funded by local businesses but the bulk of the cost is borne by local council tax payers. For Band D households this adds more than £8 to their annual tax bill.

Recognising that many people from outside Harleston take advantage of the free parking in the town, the Town Council have asked neighbouring parish councils to make a contribution to the costs on behalf of their residents.

Some local PCs have recognised the saving to those visiting Harleston and helped with the cost but Denton PC decided at their November meeting that, not wishing to discriminate between Harleston and Bungay, they would not make any contribution.

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