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No Bugs at the Hall

A simple theme based on bedtime stories produced an excellent evening’s entertainment for those attending the Rising Stars show “Mind The Bugs Don’t Bite” on Friday and Saturday night.

The current shortage of children of the right age in the village has made it difficult to stage a Stars show in recent years. This year’s solution, providing the limited number available with adult support, worked very well, but it was the younger members of the cast who stole the show.

Eva Lamb, Toby Last, Grainne Oakes, and Alex Eley all did very well and were ably shepherded by the experienced Lydia Sida-Page. They were bravely supported by Denise Grant and Chris Whipps (actors are usually advised to avoid appearing with children or animals). The latter, obviously really enjoying his second childhood, stepped into the breach (or was it the bed?) at the last moment.

More adults provided singing support, with the audience joining in heartily, and the show rolled forward. As usual, great credit must go to writer and director Gill Hipwell but everybody involved in the production deserves thanks for a job well done.

One bonus, the number of toddlers enjoying themselves in the audience should mean there will be more children to take part in future years.

“Do have one of my (poisoned) sweeties” says the Wicked Witch (Photo: Lisa North).

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