Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Denton Village News

Problems in the Wood

As many people feared, the dreaded ash tree dieback disease, caused by the fungus Chalara Fraxinea, has reached Rogerson’s Wood.

Visits by the Woodland Trust, who manage the wood on behalf of the village, have confirmed the presence of the disease. The two people who liaise with the Trust, Anne Carden and Peter Hill, have issued the following statement:

“The infection is widespread throughout the wood. Since the infection is spread by air borne spores in the period June to September we are advised by the Woodland Trust that bio-security measures are of very limited value.”

“Plant health notices may appear in the next few days, but The Woodland Trust say the public are welcome to continue walking around the wood as usual. However, those likely to visit other woods, particularly in other parts of the country, should ensure their boots and the feet of animals are clean and free of any leaves which might harbour spores.”

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