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Nearly a Record

It was a close-run thing but no records were broken at the Blackhand Cyder pressing weekend.

It has been a great year for the fruit harvest and apples are no exception. In contrast to last year, the Society's foraging teams found plentiful supplies and a halt was called when eight tons had been gathered in.

Pressing started on Friday and continued on Saturday with a break for the usual excellent lunch. It seemed likely that the previous record volume of juice produced, 685 gallons in 2010, might be broken.

Tension mounted as the last pile of apples disappeared into the crushers and the juice flowed. It was close; but the final figure, 657 gallons, was not quite there. However the sugar content is high and the prospects for some high quality cyder are excellent.

On The Carpet

Denton Carpet Bowls Club is up and running again!

Following a long break the village indoor bowls club has been re-launched. A group of enthusiastic bowlers gathered at the Village Hall on Monday evening and the "equipment" emerged from its long hibernation - some of the players were hardly out of nappies when it was last used.

A good time was had by all though your correspondent, amongst others, found it difficult at times to navigate between the edge of the mat and the barrier placed half way down it. The games were hotly contested, even more so when Mrs Hipwell and Mrs Lambert turned up.

So successful was the evening that it was agreed to make it a regular feature of the village sporting scene. Sessions will now be held every Monday starting at 7.30 pm. A session contribution of £2 per head will cover the costs. All welcome. Further details from Wise Dave (Lambert), 788216.

Great Cabaret

How do you follow that? What a night, a really fantastic audience, a wonderful tasty dinner, a magical group of local talented singers and an atmosphere second to none.

That was the cabaret! An evening of fun and singing. Of course all this could not happen without the help of some very special people. All too often helpers get put into the "Too many to name category", but the following deserve a special mention for their dedication, hard work, and for making the evening the success it obviously was. Sally Porter, Jean Whipps, Janet Skinner and Rosemary Gibson for providing a delicious dinner, Karen Dove, Peter & Denise Grant, Kat Cooper, Gill Hipwell, Ken Ashton, Val Carslake, and Terry Hanner for some first class entertainment, Malcolm Skinner, Roger Gibson, Barbara Spall for their work in the kitchen and hall preparation and to Steve & Annie Whiteman for stepping into the breach at the last minute to man the bar. Finally an "extra" special mention for the event organiser Johnnie Carslake.

Also a big thank-you to those others who helped in any way and those from the audience who responded to a call for help to clear up afterwards. After all expenses a net total of £800 was raised by local people for local people and will go towards the funds of St Mary's Church and Denton Village Hall.

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A "collage" from Lisa North

The Best Ever

Dentill 2013 proved to be even more successful than its three predecessors.

Held on Sunday at Glebe Farm, the event was bigger and better than the Dentills held in 2007, 2009 and 2011. Attendance was up, passing the 1,000 figure for the first time, as were the takings. Final details are not yet known but it is expected that over £7,000 will have been raised for Breast Cancer, the Village Hall Extension and St Mary's Church Fabric Fund.

The range of exhibits and activities was also wider and both the food tent and the bar did a roaring trade. Everyone seemed to have a good time but the best quote came from an elderly gentleman who was asked on leaving if he had enjoyed himself. He replied, "It was the best day out I’ve had all year. . . . Wonderful!! Thank you."

Thanks must go to the many people who contributed to the event but particularly to Malcolm and Janet Skinner and their family who worked so hard to provide the ideal venue and to Adrian Hipwell who masterminded the organisation in his usual calm manner.

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