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Don't Cut Off Their Heads!

The audience at the Village Hall on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights were somewhat relieved when the anticipated executions by guillotine at the end of this year's pantomime did not actually take place.

Instead the whole cast, goodies and baddies, broke into song with "United we stand, divided we fall" in the finale, which neatly served to underline the great teamwork exhibited by the members of DVC yet again. Led by the writers Denise and Peter Grant, they created a show which was much enjoyed both by those taking part and, more importantly, the audiences.

Of course the guillotine was not invented until some time after the "Three Musketeers" were walking the streets of Paris but historical accuracy should never get in the way of a good panto. Further details and a full review appear in the Club's History Section but special mention should perhaps be made here of Barbara Spaul's outstanding costumes and, of course, the "orchestra". Ken Ashton, Simon Winter and Sue Altarelli did noble service expertly playing some great, familiar, tunes to support the singing, another highlight of the show.

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