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Sand Almost Everywhere

The Village Hall was moved to Egypt for half-term last week as the Variety Club presented their annual show - a (very loose) adaptation, in panto format, of the classic romance between Antony and Cleopatra.

The DVC likes a challenge and this year's production offered several. Not least was getting the audience to accept the frequent time changes between 30 BC and 1865 AD and the language changes between Latin and Ancient Egyptian. But the plot, cleverly contrived by Denise and Peter Grant, swept all this away as the romance bloomed and the efforts of the baddies, the Vizier, Lissen Toome, and the Oracle, Alexa, came to nothing.

The acting was, of course, very impressive, and this year for a change Jean Whipps, as prompter, seemed to have a very easy ride, but the greatest credit must go to those who created the setting for the performance. The scenery, always another challenge given the limitations of the Village Hall stage, and the lighting together produced just the right environment. As usual, Barbara Spaul created some wonderful costumes and, once again the "orchestra" did a great job.

Everybody involved, on the stage and off, had great fun - they hope the audience did too.

A review of the production is now available in the DVC Section of the website.

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