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Tackling the Beast

The recent bad weather, “The Beast from the East”, saw community spirit in Denton at its best. Everyone rallied round to support each other as the snowdrifts closed roads and sometimes made movement almost impossible. DentonTalk was at its busiest with requests for information on road conditions and offers of help flowing almost continuously.


Lots of people contributed in different ways but special thanks must go to Malcolm Skinner and Simon Winter for their work on clearing the roads.


One of the interesting, but very appropriate, items that came round via Talk was this poem, circulated by Jon Symons.
The 4th Emergency Service
By Jan Millward (

Many hate the farmers,
They don't like tractors on the roads,
Especially those with trailers,
And a slow and heavy load.

They moan about the cattle,
They complain they hear them moo,
And phone up to say the bale stack,
Is blocking up their view.

But when the roads are icy,
And then it starts to snow,
And they're stuck on hills and ditches,
And can't get their car to go.

The first one that they phone up,
Is the guy down on the farm,
They know he's got a tractor,
And it can't do any harm.

And suddenly he's a hero,
With a tractor and a rope,
The first one that they call out,
When they cannot cope.

And he always takes the call out,
He doesn't want your money,
He'll do his best to help you,
I think it's rather funny;

Because they will soon forget him,
When the snow has gone away,
And they're stuck behind his trailer,
Loaded up with hay.

With Dave Godsmark’s help Terry Hanner even managed to deliver the papers (or at least those that got through to him!).


The Friday night Bar session was cancelled as was the Beetle Drive planned for the Saturday night. However, a small team led by Zoe Brown, see below, pressed on with a Tea & Cakes session on Saturday afternoon and, with most of the roads now passable, this proved a great opportunity for residents to get together and celebrate their victory over the forces of nature. And it raised £265.00 for The Big C charity at the same time.


Then the thaw started - eventually.


Many thanks to everyone who supplied these pictures.

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