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Round or Square?

Part of the climax of the celebrations held to note the completion of St Mary’s major restoration project was a performance by the Rising Stars.

An exhibition showing the extensive work on the roof and the floor etc was held in the church on 24th October. This was accompanied by a performance of "A Square Tower in a Round Hole" by the Rising Stars together with singing by the Dentones. The former attempted to answer that long-term question “Why is the church tower both round and square?”. Something to do with the big bad wolf chasing little pigs we gather. The debate continues.

The Stars were certainly not fazed by the large audience and the imposing building – they did very well – but producer/director Gill Hipwell must share the credit.

The Costumes Must Go Somewhere


Denton Variety Club, as a very "green" organisation, has a great record for reusing and/or recycling scenery, props and particularly costumes.

Thanks to the efforts of the Club's Wardrobe Mistress, Barbara Spaul, there is an amazing stock of the last. But where to store them?

They out-grew Barbara's loft many years ago and various other temporary locations have been used.

Now the Club Committee have bitten the bullet and, with the kind permission of the DVH Management Committee, they have installed, a suitably insulated etc., shed behind the Village Hall.

Rather like the Tardis, it's bigger inside than it looks in the picture!

New Play Equipment

Thanks to a valuable grant from the Big Lottery Fund the equipment of the village playground has been upgraded.

The Fund provided £7,523 for the Parish Council to replace the old seesaw with a new "non-bump" version together with a new attraction a "Rota-Roka" spinning dish.


ssaw rr

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