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New Home for the Bone

The Annual Village Quiz Night, held at the Hall on Saturday, was a great success. The questions were suitably challenging, the food was excellent, but most important the relaxed atmosphere was that of a typical Denton event and everyone had a good time.

Great credit must go the Quizmasters, Denise and Peter Grant, who did a wonderful job setting the questions and keeping everybody on their toes. Even the inter-round jokes were much enjoyed. There seemed to be fewer challenges to the correctness of the given answers this year. So the destination of the "Bone of Contention" trophy was in doubt until Abi Symonds put in a bid and was suitably rewarded. She must like the event; she was in the winning team last year,

This year's runaway winners of the "Brain of Denton" trophy were the "University Challengers". Obviously clearly carefully selected for their wide knowledge they led from start to finish.


The winners; Pauline Townsend, Pio and Sue Atlarelli, Allan & Sarah Henderson, Kim & Phil Poulton and Charlotte Valori.

As usual the Chilli Supper, which included apple crumble and custard, organised by Jean Whipps, was excellent and the bar did a roaring trade.

A Sad Loss on DPC

Denton residents have been saddened by the news that the Chair of the Parish Council is standing down.

At the end of the Council's January meeting Kay Wiltshire announced that she was resigning from the position of Chair and from the Council itself for personal reasons. Other members expressed their regrets and thanked Kay for her excellent service over the last two years. Similar comments are circulating amongst other Denton residents. Kay has done a great job and will be sadly missed.

The Council's Vice-Chair, Terry Hanner, will take over the helm until the whole Council comes up for election in May.

Anyone for Pool?

Use of the pool table at the Village has increased recently but the condition of the baize on the table has deteriorated.

At their recent meeting the Hall Management Committee decided to get the table recovered. They are also investigating installing a jacking system which would make moving the table around, for events etc., much easier.

Another Route to Fast Broadband

Some good news for those residents struggling with low broadband speeds was announced at this month's meeting of Denton Parish Council.

While new fibre links have been installed for some of BT's Green Boxes serving the village not all households can take advantage and their owners are not happy.

At the DPC meeting on 8th January our local SNC Cllr., Dr Murray Gray, reported that the District Council were trying to get round this problem by installing wireless broadband connection systems in poorly served areas across South Norfolk. This was intended to ensure that every SN resident had access to a 10 Mgb service.

One potential site for a transmitting mast for this system is the top of St Mary's Church tower. Watch that space!

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