Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Coronavirus Emergency Support

At the start of the Emergency this page was set up to provide Denton residents with essential information and support.

Need Help?

With many people experiencing self-isolation, either voluntary or imposed, the initial local support system included a rolling list of people willing to help with shopping, picking up prescriptions etc. for those who needed it.

This system has now ended but two contact numbers are still available:

A flyer containing details of local support was delivered to every house in Denton at the commencement of the scheme.
Another circular with more up-to-date information has been circulated - it can be seen HERE.

How about a Chat?

Some of our volunteers have indicated they would be very happy to receive calls from people who just want a chat.
They are listed below:

Local Services

Lists have been circulated with details of local shops etc. that are open including delivery options.
Links to these lists are provided here for:

Please report any updates, innacuracies or ommisions.

Council Support

The County Council have circulated information about the crisis covering:
Guidance Notes on sources of support particularly for the vulnerable.
And Advice and Useful Links (Updated 29 April).
They have also set up a Special Web Page with lots of Useful Information