Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Denton Parish Council

Agenda for the Meeting of the Council

To be held at the Village Hall on Tuesday 10th October 2017 at 7.30 pm.

  1. Welcome by the Chair.
  2. To receive and accept apologies from members unable to attend: Dr Murray Gray, Roger Gibson.
  3. To receive any declarations of interest from members on any item to be discussed.
  4. To approve and sign the minutes of the last meeting held on 12th September.
  5. The meeting will be adjourned for public participation (maximum 10 minutes) for items to be discussed on the agenda only.
  6. Reports from County and District Councillors.
  7. To discuss matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting.
  8. Playing Field Report - Terry Hannah. To discuss urgent play equipment repairs.
  9. Norse Grounds Maintenance Contract.
  10. Transparency Fund and Parish Partnership Fund application updates.
  11. Cardiac Arrest and Defibrillator Awareness Seminar.
  12. Parish Councillor Vacancy.
  13. To discuss and comment on any planning applications received.
  14. Correspondence.
  15. To approve payments to be made and record money received. Payments List:
    • J Ellis, Salary and expenses £99.30.
    • HMRC - PAYE £48.40.
    Money Received:
    • Transparency Fund £578.33.
    • SNC Precept £1,697.32.
  16. Any Other Matters to be bought to the attention of the Parish Council and for the next Agenda.
    To confirm the date and time of the next parish council meeting as Tuesday, 14th November.
  17. The meeting will be adjourned for public participation (maximum 10 minutes).
  18. Close of meeting.

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