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Fun at the Bouleodrome

From our Boules correspondent.

Competition at this year's Village Boule Championships, held at Mill Farm on Thursday, was as intense as ever.

Congratulations must go, again, to Shabbyabi (Abi, Lorraine & Jon Symons) who regained the much coveted tournament winners trophy.

As luck would have it they played Dogs & Roses (Doris, Chris W & Paul) twice (in the Group and Knockout stages). Both of these matches were very competitive, physically and verbally but Shabbyabi came out on top and went on to beat The No Namers (Sharon, Toby and Malcolm (substituting for Nigel)) in a great final.

Plate winners were Hopeless (who were anything but hopeless)(Charlotte, Kate & Lubi) who triumphed over The Gibson Girls in the Plate Final. Grandma Gibson's cunning plan of buying time by having a 3 course meal before the match sadly didn't pay off but it was worth a try. Longest game of the evening was The No Namers against Earditch (or should that be Shamingham) (Denise & Peter and co).

Official attendance for the evening was 71. Great to see so many kids enjoying the evening and taking part in the tournament. Boules seems to bridge the generations!

Editor's Note: Special thanks to the Godsmarks for organising such a great event.

The Wedding of the Year?

Well, it will take some beating!

Everyone who was lucky enough to attend Saturday's wedding of Ian and Kat Cooper has made the same comment - "What a fabulous occasion."

It all went brilliantly. The beautifully decorated Chapel was packed. The sun shone. The service conducted by Chris Hutton went very smoothly. The Dentones sung delightfully.

Later, the food and drink at the Village Hall was excellent. The entertainment for 40+ kids was great. The speeches by James Hanner and Kat were also entertaining. Even later, the band played very well and the dance floor was crowded.

However, what really made the day for most people was watching two much-loved members of the Denton community coming together in marriage and celebrating the event with them.

Congratulations to everyone involved in the day, but most of all to Kat and Ian.

A Great Summer Festival

Summer was really celebrated in suitable style at the Village Hall on Saturday

The weather was lovely, after all we are enjoying a heat-wave, the music delightful, the food excellent and the beverages on offer - just amazing.

It was billed as a "Gin and Beer" event and both categories were very well represented. There were eight real ales on offer and a similar number of craft gins. Attempts to try all of them failed miserably. Two of the beers came from the new Hipwell family brewery and will shortly be available locally.

We were very well entertained by the local musicians and singers, the talent on offer seems to grow every year.

Young and old had a great time. As somebody commented - "fantastic relaxed atmosphere - a typical Denton event". Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved.

All Change at the Top

Last night's Annual Meeting of the Parish Council produced a change of officers.

Peter Hill, who has chaired the Council for the last five years stepped down and was replaced by the former Vice-Chair, Kay Wiltshire. Terry Hanner was appointed to his former role of Vice-Chair.

The Council then passed a unanimous vote of thanks to Peter for his valuable service.

Land's End to John o' Groats

A challenge worth supporting.

Simon Spaul is currently attempting to "Fastpack" from one end of the country to the other to raise funds for two very worthwhile charities.

For further details including how you can sponsor Simon just go to the Sponsorship Page.

Progress at St Mary's

Do you know what is going on down at the Parish Church?

The Parochial Church Council have issued a Press Release providing details of the current project to restore St Mary's.

Full details can be found on the Church Page.

How Well are You Governed?

South Norfolk Council are conducting a "Community Governance Review". Further details are on a Special Page.

The introduction makes some pretty ambitious claims about the Review's objectives, i.e.

In contrast, the 11 questions asked seem very simplistic and hardly cover the objectives. However everybody interested in this topic should be urged to express their views.

One, critical, part of the survey covers changes to Parish Boundaries. One hopes none of our current residents would propose a move way from us but perhaps some people living close to our current boundaries might wish to join us?.

The Great Exhibition

What a great Show!

Everyone who visited the Village Hall over the weekend to see the Exhibition of Photographs of Denton (Old and no so old) had a real treat.

It has been estimated that over a thousand photos were on display covering every aspect of village life. Houses, including some no longer with us, were very prominent but, of course, it was really the pictures of people that made the biggest impact.

Young and old (sometimes the same individual) were all there from babies in push chairs to senior citizens a little bit past their prime.The latter included some much-loved faces also, sadly, no longer with us. Was anyone who has lived in the village during the last 50+ years not included?

All the local organisations from the WI to the Rising Stars also featured, the pictures from DVC productions were perhaps the most difficult to identify. There were lots of fascinating documents on display as well. Did you know that in 1923 the new Village Hall had to pay Income Tax?

Excellent refreshments were of course provided by Denton's cordon bleu team and where would a Denton event be without a raffle; great prizes.

Our thanks and congratulations must go to the many people involved in putting on the event and providing the exhibits but particularly the key organisers: Kath and Terry Hanner ably assisted by Adele and David Godsmark.

Table Tennis News

Twenty players ‘ping-ponged’ their way through the evening at Denton village hall recently in the annual Table Tennis Tournament.

There was a wide range of competitive spirit on show – ranging from the passive ‘do I have to play now? ‘ to the ‘each point is crucial’ comment that is often the prelude to the ball ending up on the stage or behind a curtain.

Maureen Coe retained the Ladies shield that she won last year by overcoming the competitive force that is Doris Lambert, whilst there was a return to trophy winning for the King of Spin – David Kemp, when he defeated last year's winner Bernard Coe in the final.

In all, DeniseGrant kept score and control, 90 games were played, a playful dog munched a ball into submission and a good time was had by all.

Work Starting at the Church

Work will shortly be starting on the major restoration project at St Mary's Church.

This is due to commence on Monday March 6th. While the work is in progress there will be limited access to the building.
Further details can be found on the Church Page.