Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Denton Variety Club & The Rising Stars

We are a village based group going back to the Second World War and earlier as a concert party, but launched in our present format some 30 years ago. Ever since then there has been at least one production a year. The normal pattern is for a show for adults (though younger members normally join in as well) which spans three nights in mid-February, half-term week. Typically it is a pantomime but reviews have also been staged. Rehearsals begin after Christmas and a great deal of fun is had by all. In addition a production for younger people, the “Rising Stars”, is usually staged in the autumn.

The “D.V.C.”, as it is called, is held together by a small committee who meet two or three times during the year. The AGM is normally held in April at which everyone interested in being on-stage or assist the vital backstage crew, is welcome. Also watch out for posters around the village and in the parish magazine. “Don’t worry about stage fright — come along for a really good time.”

The junior section is for young people up to the age of 16. It was set up to encourage children of any age to take an interest in drama and music. All Denton children are welcome, and parents are encouraged to become involved.

Details of all productions and other activities appear in the Parish News and on this website.

Officers 2016/17

AGM 2016

The AGM was held, later than usual, on Monday 10th October.

Programme 2016/17

Club History

Further information on all previous productions, including cast lists etc., appear in our DVC History Section.